Police in Bahamas probe fatal shooting of U.S. man

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(CBS/AP) NASSAU, Bahamas - Bahamian police are investigating the killing of an American man who was working on a sailboat passing through the capital of the island chain.

Police Supt. Paul Rolle says the man was shot in the neck on a Nassau street during a robbery early Sunday. He says one person is in custody and detectives are searching for two others.

Police have not disclosed the slain man's identity. But the Nassau Tribune identifies him as Kyle Bruner, a 34-year-old former special education teacher from Chicago.

A police report says the victim was with three people when they were approached by gunmen. Rolle says the man was shot when he apparently tried to stop them from stealing a woman's jewelry.

According to the paper, Bruner's parents confirmed that they had received news of their son's death from the U.S. Embassy in Nassau.