Police Find Missing 4-Year-Old Marc Anthony Bookal Dead in Wooded Area

Natalee Holloway, 18, missing in Aruba.
Marc Anthony Bookal (Newburgh New York Police Dept.)
NEW YORK (CBS/WCBS) Police in Newburgh, N.Y. found the body of missing 4-year-old Marc Anthony Bookal on Wednesday after he disappeared from his home back in December, CBS affiliate WCBS reports.

Police found the boy's body in a wooded area after reopening the search early Wednesday morning. Police said they felt it necessary to go back and re-canvass some of the areas that were covered in deep snow during the colder winter months.

Marc's mother, Christina Bookal, told WCBS after his disappearance in December that she refused to give up hope, even keeping her son's Christmas gifts under a tree that she wouldn't take down.
"Until he comes home, it will stay up," Bookal said to the station.
Christina's live-in boyfriend, Cory Byrd, had been charged with child endangerment. Anthony had been in his care the day he disappeared, and now Byrd is in prison for a parole violation.

The search resumed for Bookal on Jan. 8 after extreme winter weather had made it difficult immediately after his disappearance. Authorities searched the grounds of a vacant school and other buildings several times, and also combed the entire block.

It is unknown why police decided to resume the search again on Wednesday, a seemingly random date, but sources believe they were provided a tip to canvass the area where the child was eventually found.

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