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Pogoplug Pro: Look, Ma, No Wires!

Remember the Pogoplug? It's the gizmo that turns one or more USB hard drives into network-attached and Web-accessible storage.

The new Pogoplug Pro has all the same features as the second-gen model, but with a lower price, better color, and built-in Wi-Fi. That means your Pogoplug no longer has to sit right next to your router, but can instead reside just about anywhere in your office.

And thanks to its snazzy black exterior (the last version was modeled in a color I've dubbed Horrendous Pink), you won't mind plopping it on your desk or anyplace else out in the open.

In another smart move, CloudEngines has dropped the price to $99 from $129. The gadget is available exclusively at Best Buy, though you should be able to buy it online direct from CloudEngines within the next few days.

In case you're not familiar with the Pogoplug, it lets you connect up to four external hard drives, which become accessible via your network, the Web, and your phone (thanks in part to free apps for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone). It even lets you put your printer(s) online so you can print from any mobile device.

Needless to say, the Pogoplug remains one of my favorite "practical gadgets"--especially with its new, lower price. If you've used one yourself, hit the comments and tell me what you think of it.

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