Plastic surgery surges in men: Why do guys go under the knife?

botox, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, man, needle, stock, 4x3
botox, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, man, needle, stock, 4x3
Plastic surgery is increasingly common among men, new study shows.

(CBS) These days, men want to look as beautiful as their fairer counterparts. At least that's the message from a new national survey, which found that more men are choosing to go under the knife. The surgery with the biggest gains? Face lifts.

The results of the survey, conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS),  are surprising. Most Americans are presumably still reeling from the bad economy. But the belt-tightening apparently didn't include men who wanted to really do some belt-tightening. Male liposuction procedures increased 7 percent from 2009.

The ASPS says men underwent 1.1 million procedures in 2010 - an increase of 2 percent.

"As you age and gravity takes over, surgical procedures that lift the skin are necessary in order to show significant improvement," ASPS president Dr. Phillip Haeck said in a statement.

Why are men suddenly so image conscious? The study didn't poll participants, but the society suggested that vanity plays its part.

"The typical male cosmetic surgery patient that I see is an average guy who wants to look as good as he feels," ASPS member surgeon Dr. Stephen Baker said in a statement. "Most of my patients are 'men's men,' the kind of guy you might not think would have plastic surgery."

You might also not think of what kind of plastic surgeries they're having. The third most popular procedure amongst men was a boob job... on themselves.