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Philadelphia students charged with assaulting teacher

PHILADELPHIA -- A Philadelphia high school teacher has facial injuries and a possible concussion after police say he was attacked by three students in his classroom Monday morning, reports CBS Philly.

Police say that at 10:05 a.m. Monday, three students came to the 41-year-old teacher's George Washington High School room while a class was in session. One pushed in the door before the man closed it, temporarily locking the other two out.

The student who got in to the classroom allegedly went up to a girl, asked her where his phone was, and rummaged through her book bag.

Police say the teacher said he was calling police and went to a classroom phone, but the suspect allegedly lunged, grabbed the phone and punched the teacher repeatedly in the face.

By then, the teens who'd been locked out managed to get into the classroom, according to police. Those two are accused of holding the teacher while the first student punched him again.

They were stopped by school security, and two -- one 16, the other 17 -- were identified by the teacher.

They're charged with several offenses, including aggravated and simple assault. It is not clear if the third student was apprehended.

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