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Pelosi Throws Stimulus Into The Mix

 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday she intends to bring a second economic stimulus package to the House floor on Friday, further complicating a crowded legislative calendar.

Speaking to reporters Thursday morning, Pelosi insisted the stimulus package would be “completely separate” from ongoing negotiations with the administration over proposed bailout legislation.

“The need for this is very strong,” Pelosi said.

While Pelosi indicated she was not prepared to unveil the “particulars” of the stimulus package, she did say it would be “very lean” and include increased spending on infrastructure and some form of unemployment insurance.

Pelosi declined to state the cost of a potential second stimulus.

Pelosi also said she plans on discussing the package with President Bush Thursday afternoon when they meet at the White House to discuss the bailout.

“When I see the president, I hope to get some sign from him that he sees the need for this,” Pelosi said.


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