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Parody: Epic Meal Time (Kids Edition)

(CBS) - We here at The Feed have shown you a few videos of one our favorite culinary creators: Epic Meal Time. But in our haste to put up some of their glorious video displays of mass amounts of protein, fat and cholesterol we forgot some of our most important viewers: the children.

I present to you the following parody video: "Epic Meal Time - Kids Edition."

In the hilarious video an adorable boy (though I think he would hate me using that term to describe him) puts together his own creation of Mac N' Cheese Meat Lasagna while paying homage to the Epic Meal Time crew with his presentation.

You can check out some of our past posts for the real Epic Meal Time team by clicking HERE.  And be sure to watch this boy's next video where he will be cooking up - wait for it - his kid sister! Okay, probably not really.  At least I really, really hope not...