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"Paranormal Activity 4": Are the reviews scream-worthy?

It's mid-October, which means Halloween is coming up and there's another "Paranormal Activity" film in theaters.

The found-footage horror franchise has stuck with tradition, releasing another installment as the spooky holiday approaches.

But do critics think "Paranormal Activity 4" is scary or so-so? Here's what some of them had to say:

"The fourth installment adds very little new information while playing out the inevitably unpleasant outcomes that await the characters, preferring to recycle plot elements from previous films." - Justin Lowe, The Hollywood Reporter.

"While the first 'Paranormal Activity' in 2007 was fresh and genuinely frightening, the concept has grown stale and gimmicky. In this sloppy installment, some visuals don't even fall within found-footage parameters or adhere to the story's internal logic. - Claudia Puig, USA Today.

"The movie is an October surprise without the surprise. You go not to be scared but to remember the thrills you felt watching the first film. Instead of a journey into fear, 'PA4' is a nostalgia trip -- deja boo! all over again." - Richard Corliss, Time.

"Less reliant on slow-burn suspense and larded with fake-out jump scares, this is the first sequel in the series that fails to advance the overall mythology in any meaningful way." - Geoff Berkshire, Variety.

"'PA4' develops the story ever so slightly (not enough to satisfy fans) and delivers a few good scares (not enough to satisfy newbies); mostly, it plays like a overlong prologue for the already-in-the-works 'PA5.' Here's hoping this is just the tension-racking lull before the next big scream." - Adam Markovitz, Entertainment Weekly.

Tell us: Do you plan to see "Paranormal Activity 4"?