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Palin: McCain Will Initiate Alaska-Like Government Transparency

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

(MEDIA, PA.) At a rally in this Philadelphia suburb, Sarah Palin suggested that John McCain would take a page out of his running mate's playbook if elected president.

"As the governor of Alaska, I did things like put the state's checkbook online so that everybody could see where the money was being sent," Palin said.

"We want to do the same thing in D.C. John wants to do the same thing with the Treasury deal. We believe that the American people have the right to know which firms the Treasury is helping and what that selection is based on and how much that help will cost you. It's your money and you do have a right to know where it's going."

McCain has called for a bipartisan board to oversee the Treasury Department's bailout of U.S. financial companies.

Many in the crowd of thousands wore red to match what has become Palin's trademark color. Today she wore a red leather jacket, which went nicely with the motorcycle theme of the event.

After delivering her own remarks, Palin introduced Paul Teutul, the founder of the custom motorcycle company Orange County Choppers. Teutul showed off the bike he built to honor POWs and Vietnam veterans.

According to the McCain campaign, the company wanted to present the motorcycle to the Arizona senator to commemorate his POW service. Orange County Choppers will keep the bike and use it for future memorial and "support our troops" events.

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