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Palin confident she could beat Obama

Sarah Palin speaks with the press outside the Liberty Bell Center during her 'One Nation' bus tour May 31, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jeff Fusco/Getty Images)

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was met by a gaggle of reporters outside of Philadelphia's Independence Hall Tuesday, on day three of her "One Nation" bus tour.

The question du jour: Will she or won't she run for president?

The would-be-candidate once again refused to "put a timetable" on when she will announce her decision, but when asked by CBS affiliate WKYW if she could beat President Obama, Palin replied, "To put it concisely - yes."

Palin also noted her belief that most of the Republicans in the field "have a very good chance" of beating the president, and specifically said she liked Texas Governor Rick Perry, who told reporters last week he was contemplating his own bid to unseat Obama.

"This isn't all about me; it's about the real change that our country needs, and not just me but other potential candidates and candidates declared," she said.

Reporters who have been following the bus tour have been given little guidance by Palin's team, and have accused Palin of being coy with the press.

Not so, Palin said, before visiting the Liberty Bell behind closed doors.

"It's not really an intention to play cat-and-mouse or to have you guys guessing or anything else. Really it's a genuine concern for our country, making sure we're highlighting the history of our country, learning our past so we see a straight way forward in these challenging times, and that's what our tour is all about," she explained.

Palin is expected to travel to New York City later today, where she is expected to meet with reality television host Donald Trump.

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