Pa. wedding guest stole gift money, hid it in her bra, police say

Blank invitation or thank you card with several wedding gifts and white rose fabric bouquet laid on white bridal lace.
David Franklin
A Pennsylvania woman is accused of stealing wedding gift money and hiding it in her bra
David Franklin

(CBS/AP) CHICORA, Pa. - Jennifer Ann Martz, a Pennsylvania woman, is charged with stealing money out of cards brought to a wedding reception she was attended - and trying to hide the loot in her bra.

State police say the 40-year-old Martz, of Chicora, attended Saturday's wedding with her boyfriend, who was an invited guest.

The Butler Eagle reports guests found 11 cards missing from a gift table and noticed Martz heading to the ladies room. Police say Martz ripped up the cards and tried to flush them down a toilet, while stuffing $475 in cash and $80 in checks into her bra. That's

where other female guests told police they found the loot.

The groom's brother, Jeremy Scherer, says Martz "ruined the whole time for everybody."