Pa. suspect had history with guns, mistrust of police

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BLOOMING GROVE, Pa. - From a young age, it appears guns were a big part of Eric Frein's life. At Pocono High School, he was a member of the shooting team.

The manhunt continued in Pennsylvania Thursday for Frein, who is wanted for killing one state trooper and wounding another. The FBI added Frein to its Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List Thursday. A $100,000 reward is posted. As police search for the suspect, attention has turned to his past, especially his history with guns and sentiments toward police.

Eric Frein was a member of the shooting team at Pocono High School.

At a gun store in Strassburg two years ago, Frein picked up a sporting version of an AK-47 rifle, called a Saiga. Store manager Jere Dunkelberger ordered it from Nevada.

"We have a record of him coming in four or five times, for various items," said Dunkelberger.

Frein was a member of a Cold War reenactment group that dressed up as Serbian soldiers and played war games. In 2007, he landed a bit part as a german soldier in an independent film.

Frein grew up in the small town of Canadensis, Pennsylvania. Roger Smith owns the local sporting goods store. He said a few months ago, Frein had a strange reaction when police cars went by.

"He says 'I have to disappear' and I says 'why is that?' He says 'me and those guys don't get along,'" recalled Smith. "And again a patrol came and he duck and hid. Seems sort of out of place but that is what he was doing."

The FBI added Eric Frein to its Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List Thursday.

The Frein family home sits in the shade of tall pines, an American flag on the front porch.

Frein's 18-year-old sister wasn't allowed inside yesterday.

She vented her anger on Facebook, writing: "I hate all of you for what you guys are saying about my brother. Yeah he killed a cop and injured another. He did a bad things hes not a phyco (sic)"

Neighbors described Eric Frein as eccentric. But they wouldn't comment on camera. A sign on one door read: "Not talking to the press for our own safety."

One neighbor told CBS News Frein's mother was despondent after her son was named as the primary suspect. She said Debbie Frein kept repeating, "Why did he do it? Why did he do it?"