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"P-Star Rising" Featured At Tribeca

"P-Star Rising," a new documentary by Gabriel Noble that chronicles the rise of young rapper Priscilla Star Diaz, was featured at this year's Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Noble and Diaz discussed the film with CBS News Correspondent Michelle Gielan on "Up to the Minute".

Diaz began rapping at a very young age. "I met Priscilla at midnight on a show that I was producing," says Noble. "At that time... Priscilla was 8 1/2. She was a silly, goofy little girl. [Her dad] brought her over and had her rap for everyone on the set. It blew us all away." Noble sensed Diaz's agressiveness and hunger to perform, so he decided to follow her and film her journey over a period of four years. "I got to know them intimately - they let me into their life," says Noble.

Diaz describes herself as a mellow person, but hints that her agressiveness and passion come forward when she's performing as P-Star. "If I just step on stage, I'm out to perform... Priscilla is a whole different girl," she says. "It's something that I like to do and to have fun with."

The film's next stop is Toronto, where it will be featured at Hot Docs, a documentary film festival. "It's our international premier," says Noble. "It's the first time we're taking a very New York film out into the world." There will be two screenings and Diaz plans to perform after the film is shown. To watch a clip of "P-Star Rising," click here.

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By Erin Petrun

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