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Oscar Mayer seeks college grad to drive Weinermobile

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Oscar Mayer says its job opening as a Weinermobile driver is work you can "relish." Job candidates may also need a high tolerance for puns.

The Kraft food division is hiring a "hotdogger" who can drive the hot-dog-shaped vehicle across the country in exchange for a "competitive" salary and benefits. Would-be hotdoggers have until Jan. 31 to send in their applications. 

Not everyone is encouraged to apply, however. The company is seeking college grads, preferably those who majored in journalism, marketing or communications. That cuts out 70 percent of Americans, as about only 1 out of 3 workers hold college degrees. 

Oscar Mayer describes the job as more than driving and smiling, saying that the hotdogger will essentially be working in a "traveling public relations firm."

"While driving and creating "miles of smiles" is a very important part of the job, there is so much more to being a Hotdogger," said Ed Roland, senior experiential marketing manager at Oscar Mayer parent Kraft Heinz, in an email. "Hotdoggers are running a virtual PR firm on wheels, with responsibilities including: pitching media, on-air interviews, coordinating and running events, contributing to Oscar Mayer social media channels and being the face of Oscar Mayer everywhere they go."

The hotdogger job will last one year and start in June. The applicant will need to endure the inevitable weiner jokes and enjoy meeting hot dog enthusiasts, with one former hotdogger telling Bon Appetit magazine that he talked to more than 2,000 people about hot dogs as he traveled across 34 states. Previous hotdoggers have gone onto work in public relations and marketing and entered fields such as medicine and law, Roland said.

Asked if it's necessary for job applicants to to have a talent for hot-dog related puns, Roland noted, "While it's not an official requirement, we relish the opportunity to meet candidates who share our love for bun-derful hot dog puns."

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