Oprah loves Obama, but won't be on campaign trail

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(CBS News) Oprah Winfrey said she's "100 percent behind" President Barack Obama, but won't be out in support of the president in the months ahead because she's working on the difficulties facing her Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN.)

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"No, I'm not going to be out there," she said Tuesday on "CBS This Morning. "...I actually love our president, and have the utmost respect for him and that office and what it takes to be there. I will not be out because I'm trying to fix a network."

Winfrey backed Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign in her first-ever political endorsement.

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In January, Winfrey said that she's confident Obama will win another four-year term in this year's election. The talk show host was addressing a literary festival in the northwestern Indian town of Jaipur. Winfrey praised Obama's handling of the presidency. She said his next four years would be even more successful, with people able to get back to work.

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