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Operation Prom Dress

CBS News Correspondent Tracy Smith reports the girls at the exclusive Hewitt School in Manhattan wanted to donate prom dresses to kids who might not have been able to afford them. So they collected gowns from their own closets and from local retailers, packed them into a private jet, and took off for West Virginia. Who got the most out of this experience? Well, you be the judge.

The kids at Clay High School are rich in things that count: they're champion ballplayers. They lead the state in test scores.

They also happen to live in the third-poorest county in West Virginia, where there are often better things to do with money that would go for a fancy prom dress.

A million miles away--on a rain-soaked tarmac--people from Manhattan's Hewitt School are on a mission. Aboard a private jet: boxes of designer dresses for Clay county girls.

The teachers and students at Hewitt don't normally travel in a private plane. This was provided by the McElvey Foundation, which works with the Hewitt School on projects like this. The foundation is interested in helping out in poor, rural areas and when they heard about the Clay county prom, they though the Hewitt girls could help out with Operation Prom Dress.

If you would like to donate a prom dress, here are Web sites to similar organizations in other cities and states:

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