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Real Simple Magazine highlights the latest products and services that solve basic everyday problems. This month's picks do everything from streamlining your makeup routine to eliminating fusses in the kitchen. Kristin Appenbrink, Associate Editor for shares some of the products they found will make your life a little easier.

The UNII Palette is a magnetic compact that lets you consolidate your favorite cosmetics. It works with most brands, and all you have to do is pop the pans out of the original compact, secure the included adhesive magnet, and arrange in the palette bed. It's a great way to eliminate make-up clutter. It runs $29 and can be purchased at

Where to stash the toothbrush is a common problem in most bathrooms. Kontextur designed sleek, black nickel holders that fit just about any handle. They even store many types of razors. You can get a set of three holders for $45 at

The handy chrome-plated champagne key eases out the champagne cork with the help of well-placed spikes, so you can pop the bubbly without showering your guests. It costs $19.50 at

The answer for all your ice cube problems will be answered with the QuickSnap ice tray by JosephJoseph. This tray locks cubes in place, preventing the whole dozen from crashing out. Just flick a switch to release one at a time. The QuickSnap is $8 at

Slip decorative felt coasters over the bases of your wine-glasses, up to three inches in diameter, to add a bit of charm to guests' drinks. The Stay-On Wine Coasters come in different colors to make it easy for guests to keep track of their cup. You can get six for $24 at

The next time you have to run errands, go to to find the most efficient way to get everything done. Enter up to 10 different addresses on the site and it will calculate the shortest route, complete with driving directions. It is totally free and also available as an iPhone app.

If you're in the mood to renovate or redecorate, start the process at Put in the dimensions of your room, then play around with the preloaded furniture, fixtures, windows, doors, and more. You can then save, e-mail, or print your plans.

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Kristen Appenbrink & Erika Wortham