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Online Jihadis Not Optimistic About the Future of Jihad in Iraq

A heated online debate was launched today about the future of jihad in Iraq on the "Hanein" Internet forums. It started when a member using the name Shemari posted a message entitled "are the mujahideen close to laying down the arms in Iraq?" The user argued that there were a lot of inactions suggesting that jihad in Iraq is coming to an end. He mentioned the inter-fighting amongst the militants, the growing strength of the awakening councils, the army, and the police, the running out of weapons, and the Iraqi people's rejection of the jihadi movements. "I think jihad in Iraq will be coming to an end within a year or a year and a half," Shemari predicted.

Other members disagreed and assured that as long as there are people like "Abu Omar al Baghdadi", the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq, and "Abu Hamza al Muhajir," al Qaeda in Iraq's leader, jihad will always be there.

Another member partially agreed with Shemari, but predicted that things might just be turned around after the U.S. forces withdraw from Iraq. "What you said is true, on the ground, but things could rotate 180 degrees when the Americans pullout or if the expected internal fights (amongst Iraqi parties) begin to emerge," said a user with the name "Spot of Light."

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