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Online Backup Prices Going Up -- Mozy Leads Way with Higher Subscription Rates

Every business and every individual should have at least one (and preferably two) kinds of data backup. It's just common sense. I'm always aghast when I encounter someone who has essentially no regular, reliable backup solution in place. My home office has a Windows Home Server, which backs up every PC in the house every evening automatically. But in addition to that, I have an account with the online backup service Carbonite. That gives me a secure offsite backup for my most critical PC. Unfortunately, the dynamics of cloud backup pricing may be about to change.

The two biggest online backup services -- Mozy and Carbonite -- have traditionally changed roughly the same thing. About $50/year buys you unlimited data. Last week, though, Mozy announced new rates. Instead of unlimited data, Mozy now charges $6/month for up to 50GB, and then $2/month for every 20GB after that. That means just 100GB, for example, costs $12/month, or almost $150/year. You seriously don't want to do the math on a terabyte of storage.

Competitors like Carbonite haven't increased rates yet, but it's just a matter of time; previously they kept themselves in check by offering roughly the same services for the same all-you-can-eat pricing. And now Mozy has gone a la carte.

Also, don't forget that if you have a very small business and have been using the personal version of Mozy thus far, it might make sense to switch to the Mozy's business-class service, MozyPro, which costs $4/month plus $0.50/GB and supportsa multiple PCs.

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