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One Simple Way to Improve Cell-Phone Battery Life

Want to squeeze some extra minutes of talk time from your phone? The New York Times offers this suggestion: To maximize battery life, keep your phone out of your pocket.

See, cell batteries last the longest when they're kept cool. And your pocket is chock full of body heat. Solution? Holster your phone in a good belt-clip case or, if you're like Dave, keep it in your purse.

Makes sense to us, but here's where the tip takes a turn for the wacky:

This same method can be used to preserve your battery should you find yourself away from home without your charger. Turn off the phone and put it in the hotel refrigerator overnight to slow the battery's natural tendency to lose its charge.

Refrigerate your phone? Not sure about that one. I think you're better off packing something like the GearJuice Rescue Charger, which provides emergency power from everyday alkaline batteries.

Meanwhile, don't miss our previous post: How to Extend Your Cell Phone's Battery Life. It's chock full o' power-saving advice.

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