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One Month, And Still No Natalee

One month after 18-year-old Alabama teen Natalee Holloway disappeared while on a school trip, it's still not known whether she is dead or alive, or what happened to her.

However, Aruba's attorney general insists her office is making progress.

"The investigation is going well," Caren Janssen said.

Janssen also rejects suggestions that her office is not capable of handling the investigation.

"I am an experienced qualified prosecutor and I already handled several of these cases in Holland," she said.

Janssen told an American cable television network that the father of a Dutch teenager arrested in the disappearance of a young U.S. woman told his son and his two friends that "when there is no body you don't have a case."

Paul van der Sloot, a judge in training in Aruba, agrees he gave his son and his friends legal advice.

"I explained to them the procedures, so that they would not panic. That was sufficient for the prosecutor to suspect that I was an accomplice," he told Dutch television.

Janssen said that the elder van der Sloot had obstructed the investigation by asking a friend of the son, who had been interrogated by police, what he had told them.

"They spoke about the situation that when there is no body you don't have a case, and that was already in the first day after the disappearance," Janssen said.

Joran van der Sloot, 17, and two Surinamese brothers remain in custody.

There are no still definitive answers about what happened to Holloway, reports CBS News Correspondent Steve Futterman. Few believe there is any chance that she is still alive; search crews are essentially trying to find her body.

"We cannot exclude that something terribly wrong happened to Natalee," said Janssen. "We are determined to find Natalee and in case someone harmed her, to find those who are responsible."

The younger van der Sloot and his friends remain the focus of the investigation.

Natalee Holloway's family planned a prayer vigil Thursday. A human chain was planned near the hotel where Natalee was staying until she disappeared.

Joran van der Sloot and his Surinamese friends, brothers Deepak Kalpoe, 21, and Satish Kalpoe, 18, were arrested June 9. Paul van der Sloot, 52, was arrested last Thursday, but later released. No one has been charged.

Also Wednesday, Steve Croes, a disc jockey who was arrested and held 10 days before being released Monday, told The Associated Press that his detention was based on a lie he told police.

Croes, 26, said he told police he had seen Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers drop Holloway off at the Holiday Inn the night she disappeared, as the three originally told police.

"That was a lie," Croes told the AP during an interview Wednesday night. "I didn't even know those guys and they didn't know me."

Croes said that while he was at an Internet cafe a few days after Holloway's disappearance, he heard Deepak Kalpoe talking on a cell phone about how the young men had dropped Holloway off. Croes said the story seemed plausible and he went around repeating it, adding that he had seen them drop her off. Police questioned and then arrested him, Croes said.

"I learned that if you don't know something, keep your mouth shut," said Croes. He said has veen fired from his disc jockey job on the Tattoo party boat.

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