On the ground in Iowa: Many still undecided

Iowans have about 24 hours to decide who they'll support in Tuesday's caucuses, but on the ground in Des Moines Monday, CBS News found most are still not close to a final decision.

While Mitt Romney leads in most polls, Iowans we spoke to seemed reluctant to jump on board.

"I'm not totally in love with Romney, but I feel like he's the best of the pack," Sally Hood of West Des Moines said.

Meanwhile, there's no question of the level of support of Ron Paul backers in Iowa.

At a Paul campaign event in downtown Des Moines Monday, Jeremy Walters told CBS News the Congressman is the only candidate "for America" and the rest of the candidates "were all devils."

Paul also has the support of former Marine and combat veteran Jonas Culter, who has attended a campaign event for every candidate. He said Paul "has the most consistent message."

Decided or undecided, one thing is for sure -- Iowans enjoy the national spotlight, telling CBS News the caucuses are "a celebration of the American political system."