Olympic spotlight moves to Rio

(CBS News) The Olympic spotlight has now moved to Rio de Janeiro and South America's first shot at the Olympic Games.

The change came Sunday night at the end of the 2012 London Olympic's closing ceremony, just before the Olympic flame in the cauldron was doused.

The London Welsh Male Voice Choir and the London Welsh Rugby Club Choir sang the Olympic anthem as the Olympic flag was lowered. The flag was presented to Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes, who waved it four times, according to tradition.

Earlier in ceremony, audience members got a taste of what is to come in four years. A colourful show of samba and tribal dancers and an appearance by famous Brazilian soccer player Pele paraded through the arena.

The taste of Brazil also featured Capoeira fighters and a Copacabana sidewalk.

But there is a serious side as well. Rio is an experiment in holding the games in less developed nations. If it goes well, an African nation could host next. Kenya's Prime Minister Raila Odinga announced earlier this week that the capital Nairobi plans to bid for the 2024 Olympics.

The IOC is to decide next year on the site of the 2020 games. Tokyo, Madrid and Istanbul are bidding on it.