Ohio shooting victim's mom: He didn't deserve it

Bob and Dina Parmertor
Bob and Dina Parmertor
CBS News

One of the boys who was killed at Chardon High School in Ohio on Monday was Danny Parmertor, the middle child in his family. He had an older brother and a younger sister. He studied computer science. His parents say there was no question he couldn't answer.

CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller spoke with Danny's mother and father, Dina and Bob Parmertor, and Danny's older brother Dominic.

They told Michelle they wanted a chance to talk about Danny. When the Parmertor's sat down for the interview they were wearing Danny's clothes. Mrs. Parmertor is a nurse and says she heard about the shooting while driving home from the night shift.

"I turned on the radio, and they were talking about it. I had a sick feeling in my stomach, I didn't know why, and I did, I really did. And I was scared for him. I don't know why, and I just tried to call him. Nothing. He didn't answer, and I left a message: 'Danny, It's mom, call me back," Dina said.

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Later, Dina got a call from Danny's cell phone.

"I thought, 'Oh, he's calling me. It was commotion and it was some fire chief or something, I don't know, and he said, 'Danny is being life-flighted to Metro hospital right now. You have to go to metro. I said I want to talk to him," Dina said.

At the time, rescuers were performing CPR on Danny.

"I said, 'Don't go, Danny, don't go," Dina said.

"He fought, but he just didn't have no brain waves left," Bob said.

The Parmertors said they are still shocked at what happened.

"I have think about going to a funeral home, picking out a casket. What is that, picking out a casket for your son? We're supposed to go and pick out colleges and supposed to go visit Ohio State next month. I'm mad now. I'm mad," Dina said.

"I know my life will never be the same again. I will get better, but right now, I'll never be, there will always (be) something missing," Bob said.

Danny's parents say they want their son to be remembered as "a funny, loveable kid who would help you with anything."

"He was 16 years old. He doesn't get to live his life. It was taken. He didn't do anything to anybody. He just didn't deserve it," Dina said.

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