Source: Ohio shooting suspect tipped off friends

A second student has died from Monday's school shooting in Chardon, Ohio, outside of Cleveland.

He's been identified as Russell King Jr. 17.

All schools are closed there, and a suspect, TJ Lane, also 17, could face charges later today.

Law enforcement sources tell CBS News that Lane -- who says he was a victim of bullying -- warned his friends about his plans two days in advance. Sources say the suspect is cooperating with authorities.

He is scheduled for an appearance in court this afternoon.

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Throughout Chardon, the county and even in Ohio's state capital, flags are flying at half-staff in honor of the fallen.

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And as the day begins, those who witnessed the shooting firsthand may return to school to seek help with grief counselors.

Hundreds of students gathered in Chardon last night to honor the victims of Monday's shooting.

At a nearby church, friends tried to comfort the devastated family of 16-year-old Danny Parmertor who died in the attack.

"He was just a lot of fun to be around," says Chris Lesler, a friend of Danny's. "It's just sad to see him go. He seemed so innocent in all of this. It's really a shame."

The day was just getting started at Chardon High when Lane allegedly pulled out a 22-caliber handgun.

Without saying a word, he allegedly opened fire in the cafeteria.

"I saw a kid holding a gun, pointing it toward a group of kids and pressed the trigger," says Danny Komertz, an eyewitness.

The freshman was standing just 10 feet away. "I looked up and he shot two more," Komertz continued. "He hit a kid and he fell, and another kid was hiding under the table for cover."

"We didn't know what to do," says another student who was there. "We were just holding each other and crying."

A heroic football coach managed to chase the suspect down, while another teacher pulled a wounded student to safety.

"You never think of (Lane allegedly) doing this," says one student. "He's so shy and quiet. He's one of those people who's not talkative around other people."

But it appears Lane had a troubled past. He was actually at Chardon High Monday morning waiting to be bused to a nearby school for at-risk teens.

Investigators searched the home where he lives with his grandmother Monday, looking for clues to a motive.

To see Michelle Miller's report, click on the video in the player above.

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