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Off-Duty Cop Breaks up Dog Quarrel -- with Gun

Anne Arundel County leaders are calling for a full investigation into the shooting of a Siberian Husky at a private dog park. The shooter was an off-duty federal police officer.

CBS Station WJZ's Gigi Barnett spoke with the dog's owners.

"He can't be replaced, and he's our baby," said Rachel Rettaliata, the dog's owner.

Rachel and Ryan Rettaliata are missing their dog.

Bear-Bear was shot and killed at a dog park Monday night. It's blocks away from the Rettaliata home in Severn.

The alleged shooter is a federal police officer.

"You just don't aim and fire at someone else's dog because you think that's the best way to go," said Ryan Rettaliata.

The Rettaliatas say they were told that the case was closed. That's until Wednesday. County leaders are now demanding a full investigation into the shooting.

"When I read about this, I contacted the police chief directly and said I want this case investigated thoroughly," said Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold.

Leopold says neighbors have called asking for it. So far, there are two Facebook pages supporting the investigation.

"There is certain specific information that was not known initially that is now known. I think there will be grounds for bringing charges," said Leopold.

The officer, who isn't being identified because of the investigation, told detectives that Bear-Bear attacked his dog, a German Shepard who was on a leash.

During the tussle, he allegedly pulled out his service weapon and shot Bear-Bear once.

Rachel Rettaliata's brother saw the shooting.

"I went up close to him, and I asked him, was that a taser? He said, 'No, it was a nine millimeter. I shot him in the rear. I don't see any blood. I think he's OK.' He said that calmly," said Rettaliata's brother.

But the Rettaliatas say Bear-Bear was a playful dog and wrestling is how Siberian Huskies play.

Now they'll get the investigation they wanted.

Police are looking for any witnesses to come forward who were at the dog park Monday night.

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