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Obama Unveils Closing Argument Ads

The Obama campaign has released two new, 30-second ads, "Rearview Mirror" and "Something," that the campaign says will begin airing tomorrow in "key states."

"Rearview Mirror" picks up on a familiar Obama criticism of John McCain – that he is too closely tied to President George W. Bush.

"Wonder where John McCain would take the economy? Look behind you," an announcer says as the spot opens. Onscreen, a man driving his car is shown looking in his rearview mirror, where he sees Mr. Bush's face.

"John McCain wants to continue George Bush's economic policies," the announcer continues. "As president, he'd provide no tax breaks to 101 million Americans, but keep tax breaks for companies that ship our jobs overseas. He wants $4 billion dollars in new tax breaks for big oil and would tax your health care benefits for the first time ever. Look behind you: We can't afford more of the same."

"Something" is a positive spot that suggests Obama has begun unifying Americans.

"Something's happening in America," an announcer says in the spot as a variety of Americans appear onscreen and uplifting music plays in the background. "In small towns and big cities. People from every walk of life, uniting in common purpose. Barack Obama. Endorsed by Warren Buffett and Colin Powell. A leader who'll bring us together."

"We can choose hope over fear, and unity over division, the promise of change over the power of the status quo," Obama is then shown saying. "That's how we'll emerge from this crisis stronger and more prosperous – as one nation, and as one people."

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