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Obama to Speak on Economy Tuesday

5861213President Obama, fresh off his jobs summit, will deliver a speech on the economy next Tuesday, December 8th at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC.

The White House just announced the invitation-only event, which will be held at 11:25 a.m. Eastern Time. More details will be released in coming days.

Having delivered his much-anticipated address laying out his new Afghanistan strategy, Mr. Obama is now shifting his focus to the economy and jobs. Polling suggests economic issues are the top concern among Americans, who are grappling with an unemployment rate above 10 percent.

Tomorrow, the president will travel to Allentown, Pennsylvania, the first stop on his "White House to Main Street Tour."

On that tour, which will involve the president traveling to various cities and towns in the coming months, Mr. Obama plans to "speak with workers and share ideas for continued recovery."

The White House said the tour marks "an effort to spend some time out of Washington and take the temperature on what Americans are experiencing during these challenging economic times."

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