Obama to Put Small Business in Spotlight

6138626President Obama's State of the Union address will put the spotlight on small business job creation as he seeks to reclaim political momentum lost as health care reform flounders.

According to a Wall Street Journal report ($) Wednesday, Mr. Obama will call for an array of legislation aimed at fostering small business growth: the elimination of capital gains taxes on investments in small companies, tax credits for those employers that hire new workers and tax breaks for those that invest in new facilities and equipment.

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The president championed such causes on the campaign trail, but his first year in office – particularly since the summer - has been dominated by trying to pass health care reform. His approval rating on the economy has suffered as a result.

According to a CBS News/New York Times poll, 62 percent of Americans feel the president hasn't done enough for small businesses. And 54 percent feel he's done too little for the middle class.

Aiming to turn those numbers around, President Obama and his economic team will promote his jobs agenda across the country following the State of the Union.