Obama Talks of "Unifying the Party"

From CBS News' Michelle Levi:

WOODBURN, ORE. -- Barack Obama surprised the mostly Hispanic patronage of Luis's Taquiera this afternoon, stopping at the Mexican restaurant for a taco and some campaigning, where he was asked about his surge in superdelagates. "I'm gratified that we've got some superdelegates that are coming our way," he said. "I think we've got a strong case to make that I will be a nominee that can pull the party together and take on John McCain in the fall." As it stands now, Hillary Clinton still holds a slim lead in superdelegate support, but that appears to be waning.

Obama said he did not think it was appropriate to discuss possibly helping Clinton out of her campaign debt, since they are both actively campaigning, but he did talk about unifying the Democratic Party once a nominee is selected. "When you've had a strong opponent, you want to make sure you're putting that opponent in a strong position so that they can work to win an election in November," Obama said. "I'd want to have a broad range discussion with Clinton about how I could make her feel good about the process and have her on the team moving forward."

A reporter asked if Clinton was definitely on his short list of vice presidential picks, as he suggested earlier today in Beaverton. Obama looked right at the questioner, then turned away.

He was greeted with shock by the restaurant's diners, who had no idea a presidential candidate would be stopping by. Obama walked from table to table greeting diners, many of whom chanted "Si Se Puede, Si Se Puede" as he wandered around the restaurant. The lean Obama ordered the best, and possibly largest, meal in the house and ate with a mother and her son, who was voting for the first time.