Obama sings "Happy Birthday" to supporter in Ohio

CBS News

(CBS News) Nodding to his venue, President Obama on Monday led an Ohio crowd in singing "Happy Birthday" to a supporter during a campaign event at the Cincinnati Music Hall.

"I have to tell you, there's no concert tonight," the president told the audience at the beginning of his town hall. "Michelle has told me I should not be singing in public all the time," he continued, but gesturing to a newly 18-year-old supporter named Adam in the audience, added, "It's 'Happy Birthday!'" He then proceeded to lead the audience in song - in what sounded to be slightly higher than his preferred vocal range.

As the audience applauded after the spontaneous ballad, the president remarked, "There was a concert after all!" 

His crooning comes the same day as a new Romney campaign web video pokes fun at the president's last high-profile singing moment, when he sang "Let's Stay Together" at the Apollo back in January, accusing Mr. Obama of "political payoffs" at the expense of the middle class.

And Romney's video comes on the heels of an Obama campaign TV ad that uses Romney's rendition of "America the Beautiful" as the background to criticize the Republican's offshore assets and connection to Bain Capital, which outsourced jobs out of the U.S.

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