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Obama Nabs Key Pro-Choice Endorsement

The political action committee arm of the abortion-rights advocacy group NARAL today endorsed Barack Obama – a real blow to Hillary Clinton's campaign who has long been supported by the organization.

A statement from NARAL Pro-Choice America president Nancy Keenan reads: "Pro-choice Americans have been fortunate to have two strong pro-choice candidates in Senator Obama and Senator Clinton, both of whom have inspired millions of new voters to participate in this historic presidential race. Today, we are proud to put our organization's grass-roots and political support behind the pro-choice candidate whom we believe will secure the Democratic nomination and advance to the general election. That candidate is Senator Obama."

In a conference call with reporters about the state of the contest the Clinton campaign insists will continue until the end of the process on June 3rd, spokesman Howard Wolfson said he was "surprised" by the endorsement. "Senator Clinton's leadership and advocacy on choice issues is second to none," he said.