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Obama: "McCain Was Funny" on "SNL"

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(COLUMBUS, OHIO) - Despite his hectic schedule in the final two days of the campaign, Barack Obama couldn't resist catching a glimpse of his opponent on "Saturday Night Live."

"I missed it yesterday, but I saw him on Youtube. John McCain was funny yesterday on 'Saturday Night Live,'" Obama told the thousands who gathered for rally at the Ohio State House today.

Obama has been calling for more "civility" in politics, and said today that there is a benefit to injecting humor in the often tense political climate. "That's part of what our politics should be about, being able to laugh at each other, but also laugh at ourselves."

Although Obama sometimes shows his comedic side on the campaign trail, he rarely engages in self deprecating humor. However, Obama shows a much lighter side of himself when his family joins him on the stump. At a rally in Springfield, Missouri last night, he joked about being the least popular Obama.

"I know you came here to see Sasha and Malia and Michelle. I'm the least exciting Obama!"

Senior aide Robert Gibbs notes that there is a noticeable change in Obama when his family is on the campaign trail. "He's happy and he's playful," Gibbs said, "I think he's a better campaigner."

Unlike Cindy McCain, who regularly travels with her husband, Michelle Obama appears less often at events headlined by her husband.

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