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Obama Looks To Kick Off Fall Effort At Site Of GOP Convention

What is decided in the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee today about Florida and Michigan will set the new threshold needed to become the presumptive Democratic nominee. And while Barack Obama is likely to end up a little farther away than where he's at today (he's 45 total delegates away from getting to the 2,026 current number according to the CBS News delegate estimate), he will almost certainly remain within striking distance.

The campaign's confidence in wrapping the nomination up around the time the polls close in Montana and South Dakota Tuesday was on display today with an announcement that Obama will hold a rally that night in St. Paul, Minnesota. Not only is Obama picking a potential swing state to "kick off" his general election campaign, but he will do so at the very site where John McCain is slated to accept the Republican nomination in August. Obama will hold the rally at the Xcel Energy Center Tuesday night, the site of the Republican National Convention.