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Obama is "Fired Up" and Ready to Attack McCain

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.) For the second day in a row, Barack Obama has demonstrated a change in attitude.

At a town hall meeting today, he was fiercer, his attacks on John McCain were sharper, and he seemed to be, as he likes to say, "fired up."

"Mr. McCain let me explain to you - the economic disaster is happening right now – maybe you haven't noticed," Obama shouted.

This morning, he was noticeably tired, sniffling through much of his first town hall meeting on women and the economy.

"I just want to point out that the only thing about daughters – is that when you hang out with them a lot and they get a cold somehow they end up passing it off to you," he explained.

But only a few hours later, his energy was back up to par with his performance at last night's San Francisco fundraiser. He tested out the new, punchier stump speech on the high dollar donors first, and then incorporated into today's event.

"We shouldn't be surprised," Obama said today referring to negative ads by the Republicans, "They have been doing this every election."

"They did it to John Kerry – Gore – they tried to do it to Clinton – they did it to Dukakis – that is what they do. That is their politics. They don't know how to govern – but they know how to run a negative campaign."

Noticeably absent from Obama's jabs at McCain was an acknowledgement of his military service. In the past, Obama usually prefaces his criticisms with a "I respect McCain's service but..."

However, today, Obama dove right in, telling his crowd of supporters, "The same guys who brought you George Bush are now trying to package John McCain."