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Obama Heads West To Continue Talking Economy

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(CHICAGO) Although Barack Obama has not expressed explicit support for the economic rescue legislation, he has conceded that it is necessary. His approach on the $700 billion bailout plan has been similar to his Iraq war strategy – what's done is done, there are no good options, but someone needs to clean up the mess.

Now that a plan has agreement has been reached, Obama intends to turn his focus back on the middle class, who he argues deserve a bailout of their own.

"We don't just need a plan for bankers and investors, we need a plan for autoworkers and teachers and small business owners," he said yesterday in Detroit.

Obama will take his message on the economy to Colorado today, in what will be his second trip to the state this month.

Both McCain and Obama have been focusing heavily on Colorado – quite possibly for good reason. According to the Rocky Mountain News, former Gov. Bill Owens, R-Colo., predicted that whoever wins Colorado, will win the election.

"It's going to be an interesting final four weeks here in Colorado," said Owens.

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