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Obama Family Celebrates the Fourth

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(BUTTE, Mt.) With his family in tow, Barack Obama kicked off the Fourth of July holiday at a parade in downtown Butte. As his black campaign bus rolled up to the site, the crowd cheered and then sang "Happy Birthday" to his eldest daughter, Malia, who turns ten today. The family jumped out of the bus, one by one, including Obama's half sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng. Michelle Obama and the girls were all sporting chic leggings.

Obama gave brief remarks before the parade and explained that he would not be marching because of security.

"This is the first parade where I haven't walked but the problem is if we started walking, Secret Service was gonna have to have everybody put their hands up the whole parade route," Obama joked.

There has been much speculation by the local media whether Obama would walk in the parade. The campaign decided that the 1.5 mile route posed a too great of security risk, and Obama instead watched the parade from a grandstand viewing area.

The Obamas later attended a picnic, where Michelle passionately spoke about her husband's candidacy.

"He is consistent, he is honest, he exactly who he appears to be, he adores his children," she said, "and the one thing I know, the reason why I'm standing here today is that if he cares have as much for his country as he does about his own children, we're gonna be just fine."

With the mountains and American flags has his backdrop, Obama said his candidacy may have been unlikely in any other country.

"I know that there is no other country on earth where I could be standing before you, as somebody who could potentially be the next president of the United States of America."

He asked the crowd for their support and said, "I promise you that just about four months from now, just about four months from now we will have won Montana, we will have won the general election, and you and I together we are gonna change this country and we are gonna change the world."

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