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Obama Continues To Outspend McCain On Ads

Barack Obama, who declined public financing in the general election in favor of his powerful fundraising operation, is spending $3.5 million a day on television ads, the Competitive Media Analysis Group told Politico.

And if he does that from here through November 4th, CMAG's Evan Tracey said, Obama will be spending "more than McCain got from the government for his entire general election campaign."

The organization calculated that as of close of business last week, Obama had spent about $195 million on primary and general election ads, while John McCain and the Republican National Committee had spent less than $100 million.

In some areas, Politico notes, the spending gap is widening. One anecdotal example from the story: In the Washington DC market that reaches Northern Virginia, a densely-populated, contested portion of the battleground state, Obama ran 1,342 in the first three weeks of December. McCain ran just eight.

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