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Obama Campaigns in Missouri

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(CHICAGO) Barack Obama heads to Missouri today, in what will be his seventh trip to the state since securing the Democratic nomination. Although Obama hasn't been to Missouri since the end of August, a recent boost in poll numbers may have given the campaign confidence that they could take the state on November 4th.

The economy may be one of the reasons that Obama is advancing in the state. Missouri has seen some of the highest unemployment rates in years, as factories and small businesses continue to suffer as a result of the economic slump. Obama will focus on his tax cut policy as well has jobs in speeches in both St. Louis and Kansas City. He believes that his tax plan has been misrepresented in McCain TV and radio ads.

The events today have a strategic significance, as Obama tries to win the urban and suburban areas of Missouri. Most rural voters in the state tend to vote Republican, but a high turn out in cities such as St. Louis could prove to be the key to winning the state.

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