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Obama camp takes Colin Powell ad to TV

A day after releasing a minute-long radio ad featuring Colin Powell's endorsement of President Obama, the president's re-election campaign is out with a new ad featuring the Republican former Secretary of State - this one a TV ad that will air in all nine battleground states and Minnesota.

The ad, entitled "Solid," uses footage from the October 25 "CBS This Morning" interview in which Powell announced his endorsement for the president, touting his credentials as "former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff," and "Republican" in text while an edited version of the interview plays.

"The President saved the auto industry," Powell said, staring directly into the camera and listing off a string of achievements for which he gave the president credit. "The actions he's taken with respect to protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid."

According to the Obama campaign, the ad "highlights last week's powerful endorsement from retired four star general and former Secretary of State Colin Powell." Powell, a well-liked and moderate Republican who also endorsed Mr. Obama in 2008, will serve to deliver something of a closing argument on behalf of the president in some of the most critical states in play.

The ad will air in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, Virginia, Minnesota and Wisconsin.