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Obama Camp Holding A Grudge Over Nevada?

The bad blood between the Clinton and Obama campaigns first reached a fevered pitch in the lead-up to Nevada's caucuses, and it appears the state will continue to serve as a battleground – not over votes, but over tactics.

The Obama campaign has asked the Nevada Democratic Party to investigate claims the Clinton campaign engaged in voter suppression on caucus day, including door closings, obstruction of voters, and improper handling of voter preference cards, according to the Associated Press. Obama's team says they aren't seeking a change in the outcome – Clinton won, 51 percent to Obama's 45 percent – so there may be other motives at play.

Both campaigns accused the other of dirty tricks in the days immediately before and after the caucuses. Clinton's side claims groups of Obama supporters tried to intimidate Clinton backers. And Obama's campaign has accused the Clinton campaign of distributing inaccurate instructions that resulted in registration at some caucus sites being cut off a half hour early.

With the race now firmly focused on South Carolina, why speak up about a past contest? Claims of voter suppression may strike a chord among African Americans, who make up a large part of the South Carolina electorate and endured widespread harassment and intimidation during the days of Jim Crow – some of which still continues today. And, on a larger scale, it could help back up the "they'll do anything to win" narrative the Obama campaign is trying to attach to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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