Obama And Clinton Together While Another Possible Veep Is Grilled Across Town

From CBS News' Allison O'Keefe

WASHINGTON - All eyes in the nation's capital are on the veepstakes as Barack Obama navigates a packed schedule.

This morning after a workout at the Washington Sports Club, Obama met with all of the Democratic women seators, including his former rival Hillary Clinton. Is she a possible running mate? The New York Times doesn't think so.

Meantime, across town, another possible running mate, Gov. Tim Kaine, D-Va., was being interviewed on WTOP radio, where he wouldn't commit to serving out his term as governor. After the interview, he tried to knock down speculation, even going so far as to say, in Spanish, "no soy un candidato por nada" ("I'm not a candidate for anything").

Obama has a full day here in Washington, although none of it will be before television cameras. He is scheduled to speak with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on the phone while on his way to a meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Yousuf Raza Gilliani.

He'll then have lunch at the Mayflower Hotel for a fundraiser with Asian Americans. Following that, he will hold a closed meeting with Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke.

There is a big hole on Obama's schedule today that only lists "private meetings." And any time there is no information, it is hard not to fill it with speculation. Yesterday, Obama had a meeting with his vice presidential search team that lasted almost three hours, so the safe bet is he'll be havig more running mate planning.

Following his "private meetings," Obama will make a quick visit to Capitol Hill, not to work on his day job of being as a U.S. Senator, but instead Obama will speak to the House Democratic Caucus which meets every week when Congress is in session.

He wraps up his long day with a fundraiser in Springfield, Missouri. fundraiser. Just to add another potential running mate into the mix, it's worth noting that Springfield is near the border of Kansas, whose governor, Kathleen Sebelius, is being mentioned as a possible Obama sidekick.