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N.Y. student knocked out by mattress that fell 30 stories

(CBS News) Most students can't wait to come home from a long day and knock out on their mattress. But one New York college student has just been knocked out by a mattress.

Jesse Owen, a freshman at King's College who is studying to be a journalist, was walking down Broad Street in Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon when a mattress fell 30 stories right on top of his head, CBS station WCBS-TV in New York reported.

"I definitely felt something nail me in the head and then it was like 'swoomp' and I was just out," Owen said.

When he came to, he saw people trying to help him. They instructed him not to move. He admitted to WCBS-TV he was more confused why he was on top of a mattress - and even more shocked to find out it fell on top of him.

He was taken to the hospital, but did not have any serious injuries besides a sprained neck, according to WCBS-TV.

"I'm happy. I'm lucky to be alive," Owen said.

No word on where the mattress came from or how it fell, but it is suspected that the falling object came from a rooftop spa, WCBS reported.

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