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Not Just Some Run-Of-The-Milblogger

The Wall Street Journal this morning profiles J.P. Borda, a National Guard reservist who spent time in Afghanistan and started up when he returned home. As Borda tells it, he began blogging and collecting other milblogs because, "you hear so much about what's going wrong … It gets hard to hear after a while when there's so much good going on." The site links to some 1,400 blogs written by soldiers and veterans, mostly to correct what they see as shallow or inaccurate reporting by the mainstream media. What's most interesting or newsy is the extent of Borda's plans for the milblogging set:
What's the future of military blogs? Mr. Borda would like to see milbloggers get their own TV shows or have their entries printed in major newspapers. The goal, he says, is to "continually be blurring that line between the media and blogging."