Nora Roberts' happily-ever-after life

Her first novel was published in 1981, and in just over three decades she's turned out more than 200 books, many of them number one bestsellers.

She says she spends 6 to 8 hours a day working in her home office, and (we were surprised to learn) she finds writing a struggle.

"Because I think people hear, 'Gosh, she's written 200 books, it must be so easy for her . . . ' No. Writing is never easy. If it wasn't hard, everybody would do it. You know, like baseball."

The work has won her 19 Romance Writers of America Awards, and reportedly a whopping $60 million a year. So if you're wondering what she could possibly spend it all on? How about an old inn built in the 1790s in the town of Boonsboro, Md., just a few miles from her home?

"I would see this building, just falling apart, and I kept thinking, I could save this building," Roberts said. "All of the windows were broken. Pigeons were living inside, the floors, you know, we basically had to gut it and start from there."

It is now up and running, after a multi-million dollar renovation - the original brick and arches still there. "It was really important to me to respect the integrity of the building and its history."

Roberts personally designed each of the inn's guest rooms in honor of a famous couple in literature. There's one dedicated to Elizabeth and Darcy from "Pride and Prejudice"; Jane and Rochester from "Jane Eyre"; and even Eve and Roarke from her J.D. Robb science fiction series.

"I mean, if I can't name a room after my own characters in my own inn, who can?" Roberts said. "This is much more contemporary - or a little bit futuristic with touches like, you know, the Louis XVI ghost chairs and the pop of orange in the antique-y looking dresser."

Roberts used the renovation of the inn as the basis for a fictional trilogy about Boonsboro, and the town is something of a family preoccupation. Her son owns the local pizza joint, and her second husband, Bruce Wilder, owns the bookstore.

Braver asked him, "What's fun about being married to Nora Roberts?"

"Oh, it's all good. She's very creative, and I love her."

Loves her so much he's got a whole section devoted to his wife's amazing career.

Braver asked Roberts if she is like one of her heroines, having a "happily ever after" life.

"Yeah, yeah, that's a pretty good deal," she replied.

But at age 61, don't expect Roberts to ride off into the sunset any time soon.

"What would I do with all those stories? They'd be crowding in my head, driving me crazy - Let me out of here!"

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