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No charges against officers in Terrance Kellom shooting

DETROIT -- Prosecutors announced Wednesday that there will be no charges filed against the federal agent who shot and killed a black 20-year-old Detroit man in April.

Terrance Kellom was shot and killed by a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent during a raid at Kellom's west side Detroit home. The ICE agent involved in the shooting, Mitchell Quinn, says Kellom lunged at him with a hammer, but Kellom's family said the 20-year-old was executed.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced during a press conference Wednesday that after investigating the case, her office concluded that evidence supported Quinn's version of events.

"Terrance Kellom's fatal shooting was justified by the law of self-defense and the defense of others," said Worthy. "And as a result, no charges will be authorized against Agent Quinn in this case."

When agents arrived at his home on Detroit's west side, Kellom was reportedly hiding inside in an attic, reports CBS Detroit.

Worthy said Kellom yelled at out to an officer, "I have a gun. Shoot me b**ch, kill me."

She said Kellom was holding a hammer and began to crawl through hole in the floor. Officers went downstairs to a bedroom where they thought Kellom would drop into, according to Worthy.

At that point, Worthy said Kellom came out of the room still holding the hammer, and Quinn ordered Kellom to drop it. The prosecutor said Kellom moved toward Quinn with the hammer raised.

Quinn said he fired once, and paused to see if Kellom would drop the weapon, but when Kellom continued to advance he fired several more shots.

Worthy said other evidence backs up Quinn's statements.

"The blood spatter patterns confirm that Terrance Kellom continued to advance despite being shot already," Worthy said.

Kellom's family, who was in the home at the time, told a different version of events shortly after the shooting.

"They executed my son in my face," Kellom's father, Kevin, said during a rally in May. "My son died with a clenched fist, no hammer. My son reached for me and got shot."

Kellom's family is expected to comment on Worthy's decision later today. His death came amid a national unrest and debate about police shootings of young black men.

Worthy addressed the issue briefly during her press conference.

"There are severe problems in this country with African American men being beaten, maimed and assaulted by police.... We can not hide from that truth in this country, I will never hide from that truth," Worthy said. "Yes black lives matter, but you know what else matters, credible facts matter."

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