N.J. wedding goes on after Sandy floods venue

Tiffany and Michael Kellner on their wedding day that almost didn't happen.

(CBS News) Superstorm Sandy disrupted the lives of millions of people on the East Coast, including a couple who was planning to say "I Do" on the Jersey Shore.

But after the storm washed away their dream wedding, the couple became determined to put on a ceremony Sunday anyway.

So if bride Tiffany Kellner looked nervous on her big day, it's probably because she couldn't believe it was actually happening.

The couple's original wedding site, the Channel Club in New Jersey, had been hit by superstorm Sandy. On Tuesday, the owner of the seaside property called Tiffany to say there was no way they'd be ready for Sunday's wedding. The building was flooded, there was no power, and a boat had even washed onto the lawn.

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Michael Kellner said, "It absolutely was her worst nightmare. This day she's been dreaming of for years and years, and it finally came and it seemed like it could not work out."

Tiffany recalled, "Michael just stood there, just holding me in the living room, crying. He goes, 'We'll get through this, what do you want to do?' I said, 'I love you and I want to marry you,' and so he goes, 'OK, we'll make it happen.'"

They started frantically searching for another venue -- not an easy feat in the aftermath of a deadly storm.

Katie Downey, Tiffany's mother, said, "If it had electric, she went in, and we just begged people."

Michael Kellner said they sat in their cars making calls because they had no other way to charge their phones.

Then, two days later, their wedding DJ told them about a place called Branches. Stasia Tsolakis answered the phone.

Tsolakis said, "There were tears, there were tears. The first thing she said to me was, 'I just need a place to have my wedding.' We basically put a wedding together in a day for her."

And a day, it turns out, is all it takes.

Once the vows were finally exchanged, even superstorm Sandy couldn't keep the bride from smiling.

Downey said, "It's the fairy tale wedding and she looked so beautiful."

Tiffany and Michael Kellner's wedding may not have happened as planned, but because of that, it's a day they say they'll never forget.

Tiffany said, "We're very blessed, very fortunate to still have our health, still have our friends, and still have our love."

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To help victims of Sandy, donations to the American Red Cross can be made by visiting Red Cross disaster relief, or you can text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.