N.J. men Mark Niemczyk, Thomas Scalgione sued for alleged 9/11 charity scam

A pair of New Jersey men are accused of collecting tens of thousands of dollars for a bogus 9/11 charity

(CBS/AP) TRENTON, N.J. - New Jersey is suing residents Mark Niemczyk and Thomas Scalgione for allegedly collecting tens of thousands of dollars in donations for a bogus 9/11 charity. The two men reportedly drove in a pickup truck that was painted with the names of first responders who died in the terrorist attacks in order to draw sympathy and donations.

The Attorney General's Office filed the lawsuit Monday in Superior Court, claiming that the 66-year-old Niemczyk and 40-year-old Scalgione used the money they raised for their own personal gain. Both men have criminal records and are also accused of failing to register the charity as required by state law.

Scaglione reportedly denied the allegations and said that he and Niemczyk operate "a legitimate group" and will fight to clear their names.