Nightmare In Napa

Newly-Released Evidence Helps Cops Crack Halloween Double-Murder

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The murders of former beauty queen Leslie Mazzara and her roommate Adriane Insogna shocked beautiful and quiet Napa, California.

Who wanted these two women dead? Correspondent Bill Lagattuta reports on the investigation, newly-released evidence and a stunning development that surprised everyone.

California's Napa Valley, world famous for its wine, is a place of almost mythical beauty. Every day, tourists arrive by the busload to drink in the local flavors, luxuriating in resorts and savoring exquisite food and wine.

Kelly McCorkle and her best friend Leslie Mazzara grew up thousands of miles and a world away from the golden lifestyle of Napa Valley. But, Kelly says, Leslie was drawn to wine country.

Leslie was raised by her single mother, Cathy, and her two older half brothers on a farm in rural Anderson, South Carolina.

"She was spoiled. She was a princess. We knew that. We adored her," remembers her mother. "When she was a little girl she used to say she wanted to be a mother, a teacher and a nurse. And Miss America before she was 21."

But her friend Kelly was the one winning beauty pageants.

"Leslie would come over to my house and put my crowns on her head," Kelly recalls. "Finally, she said, 'Can I have one of your crowns?' And I said, 'No. Go get your own.' And she said, 'You really think I could win one?' So I talked her into doing it. I helped her fill out her application."

Leslie won the title of Miss Williamston and went on to compete in the Miss South Carolina pageant, making raising money for abused children her platform.

As for Kelly, she won the Miss South Carolina title and later went on to be a finalist on the CBS reality show "The Amazing Race." Kelly's future seemed set, but Leslie, after graduating from college, was still searching.

Kelly says Leslie was passionate about the arts but was unsure what she wanted to do. She also thought about becoming a lawyer, a teacher or a reporter.

When Leslie's mother moved to California, she remembers calling her daughter. "I said, 'Maybe you can spend the summer pouring wine in wine country and just take a break.'"

Leslie headed straight to the winery owned by "Godfather" director Francis Ford Coppola, and was hired on the spot.

Leslie found a room in a house on Dorset Street in Napa shared by two other young women, Lauren and Adriane Insogna.

One of Adriane's best friends, Lily Prudhomme, says the women's neighborhood was safe and quiet.

But last fall, something horrible happened in their quiet neighborhood.

It was Halloween night, and Leslie, Adriane and Lauren were handing out candy to neighborhood children.

After the doorbell stopped ringing, the women headed to bed around 10:30 p.m. Leslie and Adriane slept in adjacent bedrooms upstairs, while Lauren's room was downstairs, near the back of the house.

At approximately 2 a.m. on Nov. 1, 2004, police say, an unidentified man entered the house and went upstairs.

Lauren awoke hearing screams.

"She (Lauren) couldn't quite make out what it was, but then things started to get a little louder. She actually got up and then heard somebody coming down the stairs rapidly," explains police Commander Jeff Troendly.

Terrified, Lauren waited. When she could hear nothing but her roommates crying for help, she climbed the stairs, where she found her roommates stabbed.

By the time police arrived, the two 26-year-old women were dead.