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N.H. Voters Ignore Snow; Question Edwards

From CBS News' Aaron Lewis:

PETERBOROUGH, N.H. -- It's snowing again in Peterborough, but that didn't stop about 200 New Hampshire voters from attending a town hall meeting at Contoocook Valley Regional High School.

Health care was on the minds of the folks in attendance here, with the first four or five questions of the Q and A session on that very topic (yes, including another Q about how he can take health care away from Congress).

The streak of health care questions was finally broken by questions about Edwards's plan to get out of Iraq, global warming, and how to make college more affordable

That last question was most interesting because a high school senior said she wanted to go to Yale but her parents may not to be able to afford it. At a press conference, a reporter reminded Edwards that his college plan would not cover students who want to go to a private school like Yale, and asked if that is elitist.

"Honestly, it's just a cost issue," said Edwards. "For American taxpayers to be able to help students to go to college, paying for four years of college is extraordinarily expensive to begin with, even in a state institution or a community college. And trying to pay for it at a private school - particularly a Harvard or a Yale - I think becomes prohibitively expensive."